Spring Nail Designs to Screenshot for Your Next Manicure

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about fun, fresh nail art designs that evoke the bright colors and renewal of the new season. Whether you get your nails done at a salon or prefer DIY manicures at home, these cute and creative spring nail ideas are sure to inspire your next look.


One of the biggest trends for spring nail designs is pastels. Soft, muted tones like mint, lavender, peach and seafoam green capture the essence of spring. These romantic nail colors look gorgeous on both long and short nails. Try alternating different pastel shades on each nail for a colorblocked look. Or use one pastel color on the base and accent nails and add white floral details like daisies or baby’s breath. Pastels are versatile enough to wear year-round, but feel especially fitting for spring.


What better way to celebrate the season than with floral details on your nails? Tiny floral decals,3D floral charms, and hand-painted flowers are all popular this spring. Go for bold blooms like peonies and roses or delicate posies like lily-of-the-valley. Floral nail art looks beautiful on natural nails, but you can also have your nail tech paint florals on a pastel or nude base for a soft springtime look. Focus floral accents on one or two accent nails or sprinkle them across all ten nails – either way is eye-catching.


Along with flowers, fruit motifs are also big for spring nails. Cherry blossom branches, orange slices, strawberries, and lemons are some of the juicy fruit designs you’ll see this season. Use watercolors or nail tape to create colorful fruit art on an accent nail. Or opt for fruit-scented polishes to really get in a spring mindset. Fruity nails are fun, playful and great for spring and summer.


Greens are huge come springtime. Whether you prefer mint, emerald, lime or forest green, this color palette really evokes the renewal of the natural world. Matte green is a sophisticated look for short nails, while long stiletto designs look great in shimmery green hues. Add white polka dots, daisy details or gold foil for extra pop. Or go for an all-over camo or animal print in shades of green.


Marble nail art never seems to go out of style, but the look feels especially fitting for spring’s earthy vibes. The stone-like marbling effect comes in a range of colors, but pastel pink, blue and green marble is ideal for spring. You can DIY marble at home with water, or choose a marble nail wrap for easy application. Marble works equally well on short natural nails or long acrylics. It makes for an elegant, organic look.

Tie Dye

For the free spirits, tie dye nails are trending for spring 2022. They capture the groovy essence of the season in a retro rainbow design. You can create a DIY tie dye pattern at home with nail polish and water. Or opt for nail tape, decals or wraps for easier application. Try different color variations like pastels or neon brights. Tie dye looks cool on accent nails or as a full 10 nail design. Pair with other spring details like beads or flowers.

Incorporate Dimension

While color is key for spring nails, don’t forget to add dimension too. 3D pressed flowers under glass, glitter chunks, rhinestones, pearls and charms all make for showstopping spring nail accents. You can also play with textures like matte, jelly and chrome to make nails pop. Use embellishments sparingly for accent nails or pile them on for a maximalist spring look.

Get Inspired By Nature

The spring landscape is ripe with nail art inspiration. Take your cues from pretty petals, rain showers and buzzing bees. Paint mini mushrooms, darling ladybugs or a serene landscape on accent nails. Add bee stripes, leaf details, or a cute bumblebee charm. The natural world is your muse for fresh spring nail ideas.

Try Negative Space

For a modern spring nail look, try negative space designs. This style focuses on the empty space rather than just color to create artistic shapes and patterns. You can use black or nude polish with artful green, white or pastel shapes on top. Get creative with your negative space art. Leaving empty space reveals more of your natural nail underneath for a fresh spring style.

Mix Different Techniques

Don’t limit yourself to just one nail art technique this spring. Mix and match painted designs, watercolor ombre, nail tape, decals, charms, rhinestones and more on each nail. The eclectic look is fun for spring when you want to break out of your nail art comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to get creative and layer different embellishments.

Go For Short & Square

While long, embellished nails are always popular for spring, short square nails will also be trending this season. Take a break from length and embellishments and sport a chic, understated square shape. Go nude, white, or pale pink to really highlight the crisp shape. A shiny topcoat and single floral accent or heart add just the right flair.

Spring is the perfect season to have fun with bright colors, patterns and details on your nails. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a trendy salon manicure or ideas to DIY at home, these gorgeous spring nail designs deliver. Capture the renewal and vibrancy of the season in your fingertips. Refresh your look with marble, florals, fruits, tie dye, pastels and other creative accents. Your spring style will blossom with these beautiful, inspiring nail ideas you’ll want to screenshot.

Here are some additional FAQs about spring nail designs:

What are the hottest nail colors for spring 2022?

Some of the most popular nail polish colors for spring this year are pastels like lavender, mint, peach and pistachio. White and different shades of pink, from nude to bright fuchsia, are also forecasted to be hot this spring. Metallic chromes and iridescent polishes are on trend too.

What nail art techniques are popular for spring?

Some nail art techniques predicted to be big this spring include floral designs, ombre, marble/stone effects, tie dye, fruit slices, shapes and negative space, rhinestones, and 3D embellishments like charms and flowers. Mixing multiple techniques together on one set of nails is also a trendy look.

How do I do an at-home marble manicure?

Marble nails are easy to DIY at home! First paint your nails a base color like white, nude or blue. Then drop various colors of nail polish into a cup of room temperature water. Drag a toothpick through the polish in the water, then run the toothpick lightly over your nail to create marble swirls. Repeat on each nail, cleaning the toothpick between swirls. Finish with a topcoat to smooth and seal the design.

What are the best nail shapes for spring?

While long coffin and stiletto shapes are still popular this spring, many are opting for shorter, rounded square nails. Almond nails are also forecasted to be big this spring. Go for a chic nude or pale pink polish to really accentuate the clean shape.

How can I avoid chipping my spring nail polish?

Using a base coat underneath your polish and a good top coat helps prevent chipping. Also try to minimize exposure to water when you have polish on, and wear gloves for cleaning and gardening. Avoid peeling or picking polish, as this can cause chips. Getting regular touch-ups, every 2 weeks or when growth is noticeable, helps keep spring nails looking fresh.

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