7 ‘Low-Quality’ Walmart Grocery Items You Shouldn’t Be Buying, According To Food Experts

Don’t always buy things at Walmart just because they are the cheapest. Sometimes you should buy things elsewhere instead. You shouldn’t buy cheap things just because they’re cheap, especially when it comes to food. Read on to learn which food things at Walmart you should not buy.

1. Berries & Leafy Greens

Most homes always have berries and fresh greens on hand, but if you buy cheap berries and greens, they will wilt and mold very quickly. Unfortunately, Walmart often has bad fresh food, so it’s best to just leave it on the shelf.

Trista Best, a registered dietitian who shops at Walmart and has an opinion on the matter, said, “Be careful when buying fresh produce with a short shelf life, like berries and delicate greens, and especially at Walmart because the store’s high turnover can sometimes mean that options aren’t as fresh for buying in-store.” Try shopping at a farmer’s market instead!

2. Frozen Seafood

It might be tempting to buy frozen fish instead of fresh so that it will last longer, but Best says not to do it. “Walmart’s frozen seafood selection isn’t always good in terms of quality and where the seafood comes from.

If you want to buy frozen seafood, look for options that are sustainable and have clear labels, or think about going to a fish market.”

You should make sure you buy the best quality seafood possible because it can be hard.

3. Store Brand Canned Soups

Also, stay away from store-brand canned soups because they have been treated a lot, which means they have a lot of salt and other chemicals. Best says, “Walmart’s store-brand canned soups can be full of salt and fake ingredients.”

You should pick a more well-known brand, like Campbell’s, instead of the shop name. In the long run, it’s better for your health, even if it costs a few cents or a dollar more.

4. Pre-Packaged Deli Meats

For people whose kids go to school, deli meats are often a staple for dinners. This is another reason to stay away from cheap deli meats. A better prepared meat will also taste better.

The deli meats that come in packages at Walmart “lack freshness and flavor,” according to Best. The fresh sliced deli meats at the meat counter are best.

If you want to treat yourself, Best says to go to a “specialty deli for a better selection of meats and cuts in terms of texture, flavor, freshness, and quality.”

5. Baking Supplies

Bakers, come on over! This may come as a surprise, but Best says to stay away from baking goods like “flour, sugar, and baking chocolate at Walmart.” She says they’re not good enough in terms of quality and taste, so you’re wasting your money and should shop somewhere else instead.

Best says again to go to a niche shop. “Specialty baking stores often carry higher-quality options that can make a significant difference in your baked goods,” she explains. You might want to get this at a Wegmans or Whole Foods!

6. Generic Instant Coffee

If you need a hot cup of coffee every morning, you shouldn’t buy it at Walmart. Although Walmart does sell some instant coffee, it isn’t very good. As a result, the flavors, smells, and strengths will not be as strong.

Best advises, “Invest in premium instant coffee brands or explore Walmart’s ground coffee options for a better coffee experience.” Or, treat yourself to something sweet at a nearby coffee shop

7. Generic Breakfast Cereals

Best says that people would be better off spending a few extra dollars on a name-brand cereal instead of one of the many cheap brands that Walmart has. “Generic cereals may not offer the flavor or quality as name-brand options, so if you enjoy breakfast cereal, consider investing in a higher-quality brand cereal for a tastier breakfast.”